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New Fly Tier and Guide
Click to view Jeffery's Flies!
Welcomes the new,
talented tier
Jeffery Ripple!
Click to view Hot Wire Stonefly by Jeffery Ripple!
Hot Wire Stonefly
Click to view Down Wing Caddis by Jeffery Ripple!
Down Wing Caddis
Click to view BWO Nymph by Jeffery Ripple!
BWO Nymph
Custom Built Fly Rods
Pyratehead Rods
Practical, Custom built rods for hardcore anglers
New Pricing for Paul Freeman's Flies
Click to view Paul's Flies!
Take advantage
of new pricing on
Paul's patterns!
Click to view RC Larvae by Paul Freeman!
RC Larvae
Click to view KF Emerger by Paul Freeman!
KF Emerger
Click to view Black Velvet Midge by Paul Freeman!
Black Velvet Midge
New Custom Painted Fly Boxes by Ty Hallock
Click to view Ty's Brown Trout Fly Box!
Brown Trout
Click to view Ty's Brook Trout Fly Box!
Brook Trout
Click to view Ty's Rainbow Trout Fly Box!
Rainbow Trout
Click to view Ty's Bone fish Fly Box!
Bone Fish
Click to view Ty's Tarpon Fly Box!
New Flies For Sale
Click to view the Sulphur Cripple by Mike Romanowski!
Sulphur Cripple
Click to view Poly Stacker by Mike Romanowski!
Poly Stacker
Click to view Delaware Ant by Tony Ritter!
Delaware Ant
Click to view Hackle Stacker by Tony Ritter!
Hackle Stacker
Click to view Bomber Beetle by Eric Snyder!
Bomber Beetle
New Fly Tying Materials For Sale
Click to view High Definition Jungle Cock!
High Def. Jungle Cock
Click to view Hot Colored Goose Biots!
Hot Colored Goose Biots
Click to view High Def Synthetic Quills!
High Def Synthetic Quills
Click to view Magnum Chenille!
Magnum Chenille
Click to view Kreinik Flash!
Kreinik Flash
New Fly Sets
Click to view Carp Starter Set by Eric Snyder!
Carp Starter Set
Click to view Backwoods Selection by Rick Little!
Backwoods Selection
Click to view Beaver Pond Selection by Rick Little!
Beaver Pond Selection
Click to view Pocket Selection by Rick Little!
Pocket Selection
1848 No. 5
1848 No. 5
Scott Cesari

Price: $2.25

More Details
Olive and Wine
Paul Freeman

Price: $1.80

More Details
Sparkle Soft Hackle
Sparkle Soft Hackle
Jeffrey Ripple

Price: $2.45

More Details
Peacock and Red
Peacock and Red
Paul Freeman

Price: $1.80

More Details
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