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Travis Sylvester - I can’t really say why it has taken me so long to combine two of my favorite things in life, fishing and drawing. For as far back as I can remember I have been doing and enjoying both. I think I can attribute my newly found, interest, hobby, obsession, or all of the above, to either an increasingly disinterest in winter, or realizing I should translate my somewhat unique style of using colored pencils, and draw the trout that I chase all summer.


When I was younger, I was introduced to colored pencils, and was instantly fascinated by the vibrant colors and tones that I could get with them. I developed my own style while experimenting in abstract and surrealism in the 90’s and just recently combined my older technique to my new favorite subjects, trout. Living at the base of the Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake City, I have countless lakes and streams in every direction to visit in search of my newest drawing. I am always looking towards my next project, and strive to make each one better than the previous.


I invite you to my website: where you will find a collection of my Fishing & Outdoor drawings, some of my Abstract & Surrealism work, Portraits I have been commissioned to do, and some "digitally enhanced" versions of my drawings.


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Brown Sugar Rainbow Reflections Vibe Charged

Derek DeYoung - is one of those artists that was born painting. By age six, he was declaring to his schoolmates and family that he would one day be a famous artist. Few people who knew him well ever doubted this prediction. His parents say he was a stubborn little kid, but that very stubbornness is what now gives him the strength to persevere the hardships that accompany the life of an artist. DeYoung’s work has veered off from the traditional fish illustration style. His paintings are very contemporary, placing more importance on using a unique style and palette rather than painting a fish to look photo realistic. Now days it’s less important to Derek to become that “Famous Artist” he told everyone he would become. He’s just happy to have built his life around his two loves, painting and fly fishing.


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Bob White is an artist and author whose work is an expression of a misspent youth. He paints in the classic style of those who illustrated the sporting books and magazines of his youth; the ones he was reading when he should have been doing his homework. Consequently, he became a fly fishing and wing shooting guide and has wandered between Alaska and Argentina for nearly three decades looking for gainful employment. He now resides in Minnesota, where he paints and writes for a living, which is to say hes still searching. If this sounds like you, or reminds you of someone you love, you'll probably enjoy poking around on his website.


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Brian O’Keefe has been serious about fly fishing for the past 30 years. During the past 20, cameras have played a significant part in his outdoor lifestyle. Brian has traveled to some of the wildest and most remote angling destinations in the world, including: Bikini Atoll, the Seychelles, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Tonga, Cuba and Kashmir. He has also traveled to more accessible locations, such as: the Bahamas, Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Chile, New Zealand, Christmas Island and more. In many of these locations he again chooses to venture off the beaten path, hiking, floating, sea-kayaking or taking a Zodiac into the backcountry.


Make sure to check out Brian's new visual adventure...Catch Magazine. It is both wonderful and wonder-filled!


Rippin' Rooster Chile Belize - Turneffe Flats Permit Brown on the hunt First Light - Alaska Rainbow Dreams