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BXB Slate Drake Parachute Dun
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Item #: DB-Slate-Drake-Parachute-Dun
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Description:  The BXB Slate Drake Parachute Dun is another in my series of five patterns for the Slate Drake mayfly. This parachute version floats low in the surface film like the Comparadun, possesses excellent flotation while presenting a different profile to the trout due to the parachute hackle. The closed-cell foam extended body has life-like segmentation, and it has two tails of moose body hair, further enhancing the realism of this fly design. All these patterns are very durable. I have never had one fall apart with less than two dozen fish, but I nearly always fish barbless hooks which are easier to remove from the fish and less stressful on the fly. The post wing helps you sight and track the drift of the fly. The 2x short, 2x wide gape light wire scud hook balances the design of this fly perfectly. Like the others in this series, it floats very well, and lands right-side up EVERY TIME.


These patterns possess durability, excellent floatation, good visibility, and are highly imitative of the Slate Drake mayfly. These patterns will help you hook up with more trout!


Make sure to check out my complete BXB Slate Drake Set


This past June (2012), I enjoyed more than ten evening fishing outings using these BXB Slate Drake patterns. Each evening I hooked at least 10 fish and some evenings, I landed more than 20 trout. This is one set you seriously need to consider having in your fly box!


BXB Slate Drake Set




What it imitates:  Slate Drake mayfly - Isonychia bicolor


When to fish it:  Mid-May to late July; late September through October


Where to fish it:  Most eastern freestone creeks, streams and rivers have abundant populations of Slate Drakes. Some limestone streams do as well, notably Pennsylvania's Big Fishing Creek and Penn's Creek.


How to fish it:  This is a large fly pattern, accurately-sized to imitate mayflies that can have bodies up to an inch in length. My extended body design allows it to be tied on a smaller size hook, so it can be fished with a 5x tippet. I would use 4x tippet on fast water riffles, runs, and pocket water, particularly if good-sized trout can be expected. A greased-leader method also works well to skitter this pattern; the Parachute, Thorax Dun, and Hackled Comparadun BXB all patterns lend themselves very well to this technique.


Approximate time to complete this order:  7-10 days





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