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Don Bastian

Don has been tying flies since 1964. He is a speaker, lecturer, author, fly tying instructor, guide, and a tactical fly fishing specialist and operator of Bastian's Angling Specialties.


His passion for fly fishing has taken him to waters in, Canada, England, Montana, Wyoming and throughout the northeastern states in the US. But, most of Don's fly fishing experience has been accumulated on the streams in his home state of Pennsylvania. He enjoys fishing and tying flies for: trout, land-locked salmon, small and largemouth bass, panfish, steelhead, pike, and salt-water species of striped bass, shad, and bluefish.


Many of Don's classic wet flies, streamers, and traditional drys are featured in many well known publications:


  • Art of Angling Journal, published by Complete Sportsman.
  • Forgotten Flies - approximately 765 flies published.
  • Rare and Unusual Fly Tying Materials - Volume II - Fifteen classic wet fly patterns from Trout by Ray Bergman, are included in the book.
  • Hatches Magazine Online - The Ray Bergman Collection features 483 classic wet fly patterns tied and photographed by Don.


Don is offering (here on MyFlies) a stunningly beautiful reproduction of the Ray Bergman Collection as individual fly plates (42 - 57 flies per plate, framed) or as a complete set; 10-Fly Plates (483 flies) framed. Don is only offering 10 of the entire series and two of them have already been sold; one to Clyde's Tower Oaks Restaurant in Rockville, MD the other to a private collector.


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