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Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt is known by all of his friends as a fish junky. Every spare moment not on the water is occupied by some aspect of fly tying to enhance the next trip. He is always thinking about new techniques, fly patterns/applications and fishing locations whether in his car, at work, in the gym or lying in bed. From the time he could walk he was constantly taken out on Lake St Clair, Lake Huron, up Michigan's west coast rivers, and in to the Upper Peninsula in search of the next fish. He did not fly fish at the time but targeted anything with fins, something he still does to this day.


Mike started tying his own flies in college and converted, with near exclusivity, to fly-fishing. For over a decade he has tied commercially for his company located in Dublin Ohio, Anglers Choice Flies (www.anglerschoiceflies.com). He does not focus on one particular style of fly but rather is a jack of all trades, tying patterns and refining them to fit whatever the situation may require. Mike ties a large catalogue of standard patterns as well as employing his knowledge of the sport and creativity to come up with new and innovative patterns to fool even the most wary fish.


Throughout the year Mike teaches fly tying and fishing technique at a number of clubs and retail locations around the Midwest. In addition he spends the winter months traveling to present and tie at fly fishing shows around the country. Doing so allows him the opportunity to meet many people involved in this wonderful sport and to teach fly tying to a very diverse audience.


If you send him an email and don't hear back in a few hours be patient...he is likely out chasing fish!
1-614-638-6727 - contact@anglerschoiceflies.com - www.anglerschoiceflies.com


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