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Description:  The Cresco is one of four Patterns I found during my "Pocono Patterns" project that is named specifically for streams or regions of the Pocono Mountains in northeastern Pennsylvania.  It adds a unique option to your fly box.  It is my interpretation of a pattern detailed in Don Dubois' text "The Trout Fisherman's Handbook".  This unique wet fly has both natural color schemes to imitate aquatic life and the attractor properties of black wings and a fluffy yellow tag as well.

The "Pocono Patterns" project is a research project that attempts to discover and describe flies that originated in the Pocono Mountain region of northeastern Pennsylvania.  It is an ongoing project that I began 2 years ago and continue to pursue today.  The wealth of information and patterns that I have discovered, along with the rich history that has been revealed through an examination of the flies, has proven to be completely fascinating.  For more information on this fly and the other Pocono Patterns that I have discovered, visit the "Pocono Patterns" section of my website at
What it imitates:  This is a wet style fly.  It functions as an attractor pattern.
When to fish it:  As with other wet flies, this fly will fish well any time of the year.
Where to fish it:  This fly will produce in trout streams anywhere wet flies are successful, although it was specifically created to fish the Pocono Mountain region of Northeastern Pennsylvania
How to fish it:  It would be successfully fished with the techniques commonly used to fish wet flies.  The barb may be pinched down if a barbless hook is preferred.
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