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Connecting Anglers to top Tiers, Guides, Rod Builders,Lodges & Adventures, and Artists!

Ascension Bay Mexico Trip!
Ascension Bay Mexico...
Fish with Author, Guide, and Tying Instructor Al Ritt...
Use Elkhorn Rods & Reels!
That's a Grand-Slam Right There!

New Tier
Click to view all of Nick Simon's Flies! NEW Tier ~ Steelhead, Trout and Warm water Flies

Meet Nick Simon
Flies designed for Steelhead, Bass and Trout
Click to view Nick's UPS Pull Tail! Click to view Nick's Wiggle Minnow! Click to view Nick's Pop Wing Spinner! Click to view Nick's Craft Minnow!
Tier Highlight
Click to view Joe's Cinder Worm #1! Click to view Joe's Albi Fly! Click to view Joe's 3D Baitfish! Click to view Joe's Leech Fly!
  Joe O'Clair enjoys fishing in the Cape Cod area for Stripers, Blue Fish and all other salt water fish. He has a profound knowledge of the Cape Cod area fishery.
New Products
Click to view Midcurrent Outdoors' Tippet Boss! Click to view Reel Rage Outfitters' Steel Leader! Click to view Midcurrent Outdoors Shark Tooth Cutter! Click to view Reel Rage Outfitter's Mouse Pad!
Paul Rossman - Artistic Salmon Flies to grace any home or office
Click to view Paul's Green Highlander! Click to view Paul's Penpergwm Pet! Click to view Paul's Empress Click to view Paul's Purple Angel Click to view Paul's OQuassac
Fantastic Artwork by Travis Sylvester
Click to view Artwork by Travis - 'Vibe-X' Click to view Artwork by Travis - 'Colorado Cutthroat' Click to view Artwork by Travis - 'Molten DX' Click to view Artwork by Travis - 'Tranquility DX' Click to view Artwork by Travis - 'Gallium'
Dean Myers' Custom Fly Orders

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Chain Gang Stonefly

Price: $2.50

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Dean Myers

Price: $1.50

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Uber Czech Nymph
Uber Czech Nymph
Tom Adams

Price: $2.50

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