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New Tier
Click to view all of Peggy Brenner's Flies! NEW Tier ~ Trout, Saltwater, Classic Maine, and Classic Salmon Flies

Meet Peggy Brenner's
Flies designed for trout, salmon and saltwater
Click to view Peggy's Mad Bunny! Click to view Peggy's Shangs Favorite! Click to view Peggy's Thunder Creek! Click to view Peggy's Supervisor!
Tier Highlight
Click to view Safet's Little Black Caddis! Click to view Safet's Winter Caddis! Click to view Safet's Apagetus Caddis! Click to view Safet's CDC October Caddis Larva!
  Safet Nikocevic lives in New York where he has designed flies for the New York State, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut rivers. He has creative flies that are very durable and extremely effective.
UPF John "The Dirty Hippy" McQuillan

Price: $15.00

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UPF Ghost
UPF Ghost
Aaron Marzec

Price: $10.00

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Red KF Larvae
Red KF Larvae
Paul Freeman

Price: $1.60

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Paul Freeman's Custom Fly Orders

Price: $0.00

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