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Down Wing Caddis
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Description:  This is a long forgotten Catskill Style Caddis fly imitation.  The wing is made of deer hair tied to a low profile as if the fly is resting on the surface like a freshly emerged or crippled caddis.  Most caddis fly patterns today use an elevated wing to simulate a fluttering caddis but they ignore the freshly emerged or crippled caddis.  This pattern, with the deer hair wing and heavly hackle, makes an excellent floating fly but floats a little lower on the surface on the water.  This pattern has saved the day many times of the year.  The black also makes a decent beetle imitation in case you don't have a beetle in your box.

What it imitates:  Caddis flies, Little green or Yellow Sally, beetles or the early Black Stoneflies, 
When to fish it:  During a caddis or stonefly hatch.  The grey also works well as a great searching pattern when no fish are showing.
Where to fish it:  Any water that has a healthy caddis population or where Little Green or Yellow Sallies are present
How to fish it:  Typical dry fly style or skittered across on a down stream presentation.


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