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Fran Betters' Usual (Color choices) sulphur
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Item #: AK-Usual
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Description:  This is one of the first dry fly patterns my grandfather ever taught me to tie was Fran Betters' Usual.  I've been extremely fortunate to meet people over the years that have sold me 100% genuine snowshoe feet for fly tying.  I absolutely love snowshoe rabbit for its translucent and waterproof qualities, durability, easiness to dry after landing a fish, and realistic appearance.  Best of all, the underfur of the foot is great for dubbing.  Fran betters created this pattern because of its easiness and timeliness to tie it, resulting in remarkable floatability and effectiveness.  


I commonly fish the Usual when stalking sporadically rising fish,  Once trout start getting a little more selective in June, and I continue to use the Usual as my number one pattern through July.  This pattern is also effective when fished strategically and not solely on top of the surface film.  I normally start by casting the fly upstream as usual and once it catches drag, I sink the fly and let it swing.  I let the fly drift downstream for five to ten seconds.  I then slowly strip in the line almost 85% before drying off the fly and re-casting.  I've caught just as many fish on the swing as on top, and I highly recommend you experiment with different techniques until you realize the effectiveness.  It uses only one material - snowshoe rabbit heel fur for the wing and tail and underfur for the dubbing.   In addition to traditional fluorescent fire orange thread for Betters' Usual original pattern, I am also offering this pattern using different thread colors for different Usual mayfly imitators using either pink fox, spectrumized dubbing, haretron, and rabbit fur. See the additional photos. Lastly, I've fished the usual as a nymph in fast-moving, shallow riffs.  I have done extremely well using this technique.


What it imitates:  Mayflies, Caddis, Attractor pattern


How to fish it:  Fish it as a dry fly and cast upstream and let it dead drift and let it swing at the bottom of the drift.  Also, sink it and fish it as a subsurface emerger.


Approximate time to complete this order:  7-10 days




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Fran Betters' Usual (Color choices)

Fran Betters' Usual (Color choices)
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