Join is an innovative site that connects discerning anglers to top Tiers, Guides, Authors, Artists, Lodges, Adventure Companies and Bamboo Rod Makers.


For just pennies a day, offers you a venue to showcase your talent, product, or services and get national and international recognition and exposure. does all the advertising and is the payment processor for items purchased through the site. If you are a tier or author, all the orders go directly to you. Tier’s, this is NOT production tying, you have total control over the number of flies you tie and when you tie them. If you are a guide, artist, fly shop, lodge, adventure company or advertiser, our site is another way to “push” customers to your business.


Benefits of joining

  • Innovative, top quality, niche market site
  • Provides cost effective national and international exposure - (starting at $10 per month*)
  • Drives potential customers to you and your web site
  • Gives exceptional, out-of-the-box Tiers, with a creative and unique approach to tying, a one-stop venue to promote their talents, their flies and additional products


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*Cost is based on the number of categories and ad placements you want to be positioned in. Tier’s pay a flat $10 per month and get multiple category placements. Most single category placements run $10 -$15 per month.

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